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Time to rethink

Our mission is to reduce the packaging our products to save the environment. The new packaging requires 35% less plastic then before and the label made now of FSC®-paper is now even compostable.

Thinking about new packaging is a big challenge, then of course we first and foremost focus on consistently high quality. For example shelf life or taste should not change. This poses tremendous challenges for producers of packaging material and we are constantly in dialogue to consider the wishes of our customers together and so environmentally friendly implement. On this way we’ll -bit by bit- renew all our packaging.

Sustainability is by Pfitscher -already for many years- a belief that we live consistently. This is also underlined by this summary from our measures portfolio:

  • Green stream of South Tyrolean watery and own photovoltaic on our roof
  • Heating and hot water production with wood from the region
  • High efficient heat recovery in production
  • Economical cooling and air conditioning without greenhouse gases
  • Roof greening on our roofs as thermal insulation, water retention andReplacement habitat for native flora and fauna
  • Dispensing with plastic where possible, f.e. in our mensa, at fairs and events
  • Waste reduction and recycling
  • Use of recycled materials wherever possible
  • Fleet with Euro6-stndard, electric and hybrid vehicles
  • Raw materials from the region respectively from surrounding regions and long-term relationships with suppliers

These measures are constantly being expanded in both large and small. Follow us on Facebook and find out more.